Renova company performs general and partial engine repairs

Engine repairs

For selected engine types repair can be made based on agreement by replacement, this is true especially true for engines of ZETOR UŘ I, UŘ II, UŘ III, (only by agreement), AVIA 30 and 31, PERKINS-BALKAN CAR.

Based on agreement partial repair and overhaul can be done while you wait.
The possibility of rebuilding engines 6701 to 6901, 7001 to 7201, 7201 to 7701, 8401 to 8002 TURBO, 8701 to 8602 TURBO
We repair older types of engines ZETOR 25, ZETOR SUPER 50, half engines Š.30 RS 09.



Repair of engine cylinder heads

RENOVA MALEC-KADLEC, s.r.o. is focused on overhauls and partial repairs of diesel engines' cylinder heads. Heads are heated and pressured in operating temperature 85 °C, their surface gets grinded, injector chambers and valve guides get changed. We repair cracked heads for veterans Zetor 15, Zetor 25, Zetor Super 50, Škoda 30, and other brands by arrangement.

For veteran heads we weld valves if needed.

Repair of cylinder heads of foreign and domestic engines:

DSC 0683DSC 0684DSC 0685

Engine block repairs

Engine block repairs are done on the main bearing, repaired are cracks in the walls, between the cylinders and in the punched holes, blocks are grinded, upper parts are adjusted and other operations are done by agreement with the customer.

DSC 0760DSC 0762DSC 0752