Renovation of engine parts

We are specialized in engine and engine parts renovation.

Grinding of crankshafts – renovation of engine components

RENOVA company is focused on grinding engine parts on planar grinders, grinding machines, and in particular grinding of all types of crankshafts up to150 kg and length up to 1700 mm.

For most of the types we deliver bearings which we have in stock. For other types of crankshafts we try to deliver bearings based on agreement or we try to get replacement bearings, especially for veteran motors. The company is focused on the renovation of cylinder heads of diesel engines. We repair cracked heads based on agreement. Valve's welding, engine blocks renovation: repair of blocks damaged on the main bearing, we also repair cracks in walls, even between the cylinders, holes punched by seized connecting rods, cylinder repair (rusty from coolant), fixing of camshaft fastening (especially AVIA blocks), repair of axial bearing positioning, grinding of engine blocks and other repairs as agreed.

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