Repair of diesel engines - Renova

The company Renova Malec-KADLEC s.r.o. specializes in the repair of engines, repair of engine blocks, cylinder heads, cast iron and aluminum parts and grinding of crankshafts, including delivery of slide bearings and renovation of engine components. We also provide welding of rotating components and other parts, honing of cylinders and engine blocks, repairing of rods and machining of engineering components.

The Renova company was founded in 1994. Almost all of the 35 employees of the company, however, worked in the industry for many years before. During the existence of the company, thanks to the gained expertise we have become one of the leading companies in the Czech Republic specializing in the repair of diesel engines and their components. We place great emphasis on quality of work associated with resolving warranty and post-warranty repairs. For our regular customers we provide above standard service in terms of speed and deadlines.

osvedceniBecause we specialize mainly to repairs of heavy series diesel engines and we repair 4-5 engines and half engines per day, we have a clear prerequisite to offer our products and services in precise quality and high level. We are also glad to give our customers advice and share the gained expertise. For the work done we give a 6-month guarantee to half engines, and a 9-month guarantee to overhaul of engines.

The company is located near the highway Prague - Brno in Stránecká Zhoř between exit Měřín at 134 km and the exit Velké Meziříčí Západ at 141 km.

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